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Suggestions on How to Use Strait Lightning

Suggestions on How to Use Strait Lightning

In crafting our two legal versions of moonshine, Strait Shine and Strait Lightning, we have remained loyal to the local traditions of their production. Historically most PEI Shine has been fermented from a mix of both sugar and agricultural molasses. In bringing this traditional product to the market we have blended the authentic production history with the art of modern distilling. In so doing we have captured the best qualities of authentic PEI Shine.

Strait Shine and Strait Lightning are both new non-standard spirits that many people have not yet experienced. We therefore offer the following suggestions on how best to mix and enjoy these two unique products.

Traditional PEI Shine has frequently been mixed with citrus based drinks. We find that fresh fruit juices such as lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, cranberry and pineapple, especially in cocktail mixes, compliment the natural spirit flavours of Strait Shine and Strait Lightning. Commercial mixers, such as Lime Rickey, Five Alive, 7 Up, Fresca and Iced Tea also bring out their authentic character.

Strait Shine makes a great substitute for both white rum and Tequila whenever these are called for.

Strait Lightning makes a great substitute for a quality white or amber rum. And of course they can both be enjoyed Strait Up!

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