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Our Story

Islanders are a friendly bunch.
When our family first moved to the island in 2003 we soon found ourselves being invited to many social gatherings. At every event, from family reunions to weddings, wakes, births, deaths and everything in-between, homemade moonshine would make an appearance. It seemed every family had a still!
Coming from away, I naively asked if everyone drinks shine, why isn't it available in the liquor stores. With hoots of laughter and a slap on the back people told me to try and see if it was possible. The idea was set. Three years later and with new legislation drafted around us to permit distilling on the Island, we opened our doors. 
With PEI having endured 48 years of Prohibition, we can't claim to be the first makers of moonshine on the Island,  but we do claim to be the best!
Situated in Rollo Bay overlooking The Northumberland Strait.
With an ever-changing view that gave us our name.
The Myriad View. 


Shine® and Island Moonshine® are registered trademarks of 

The Myriad View Artisan Distillery Inc.

Established in 2006.