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Legal Moonshines



Moonshine has been around as long as people not wanting to pay taxes. It’s a slang term for illegally produced and usually high proof distilled spirits. In recent years moonshine has been legalized in many long as government taxes are paid!

Most moonshine in North America is made from a corn mash and is essentially an unaged whiskey. Uniquely on Prince Edward Island, moonshine was traditionally made from agricultural molasses and icing sugar. Updating this we now use top quality molasses and cane sugar and a time honored family recipe.

That’s why when is comes to moonshines, Shine® is unique. It’s not an unaged whiskey but a new and novel product.

In keeping with the tradition of high proof moonshining our Moonshines are available as Strait Shine® at 50%abv, Island Moonshine® at 69%abv and Lightning at 75% abv.

Available from our online liquor store.

Please note Lightning is only available at the distillery or PEILCC locations.